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It's been a VERY long time since I posted. :) My last entry was about my story, and it is officially finished. I posted the last outtake on Twilighted.net a few days ago.

I know it's fanfiction...but it was fun to write again. I missed doing it! I have so many things written all over. I doubt I will ever do anything with them, but it was a fun experience. I want to back up my story, so I'll probably post here. Not that anyone reads this anymore because it has been so long!


My little story....

So my story is now going to be at least 5 chapters. I am having so much fun writing it. :)

The Twi-world has had its fair share of drama lately. Sometimes, I wonder why I get myself involved with crap that ends up like this. I think I seek out insanity. :P

I slept 2.5 hours last night. But, I am done with all but 1 course, 2 short internships, and a capstone project for school. A job would be a good thing. :)

Anyone know where the money tree is???


My story

I am such a loser, and I wrote and posted a Twilight fanfic. It only has one chapter so far, but I will be working on it little by little. It should only be 3 chapters. It's a cute story, no smut (not ready for that yet!), and no real angst.

Read and review if you'd like!

Nerdom has officially reached its peak over here in Marra-land. :)


And I fall deeper and deeper....

OK, so some of you know of my obsession with all things Twilight. You also may know that I have never been much of a fanfiction person. I always thought it was a lil creepy...until I was convinced by a friend to look at this website. I was on the damn page for hours and hours reading these stories people wrote to extend the series, and I was hooked. Ugh. The community of writers is diverse to say the least, and there are even a few men who write! I've gotten very involved with one of the stories and have begun this online friendship with the author and some others who love the story, too.

It's called I Love LA, and it's about a 30-something woman moving back to LA after some time away from the entertainment industry. Her best friend, named Jennifer, is a talent agent/manager who happens to be representing Robert Pattinson (Edward in Twilight, Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter). The two become fast friends and more....

Now, yes, it is a little disturbing when people write about famous people in a smutty manner. I understand that and can appreciate the apprehension. I have to admit that I read the story because I like the story, not necessarily that it is about R-Pattz. This author writes so well that you can't NOT be engaged. And on top of it, she is hilarious and has great taste in music. *sigh* Makes me want to write again. I don't know if I could ever get into writing Twilight ff or even real person stories, but I used to love creative writing. I wish I saved many of my stories from grammar and high school. I used to write all the time, and many of those stories could have been made into children's books. Grrr. Then I could be raking in the millions and could go to school forever! :)

P.S. If anyone wants to check it out, here is the link. Oh, but beware...it is a little dirty. *adjusts halo*

It's been WAY too long.

I have not written in LJ for 39 weeks! What is up with that?! So much has happened since I last posted. Once I have a bit more time, I'll update more fully.

Fruit flies

I just learned that the term "fruit fly" could be a nicer way to say "fag hag", as in a woman who socializes predominantly with gay men.  I am so amused.  I always knew I was annoying, but I never thought that I needed an insect metaphor to go along with it.  :-P


El Papa...not la papa

I remember in Spanish class with Ms. Smith at WO learning about how American Spanish students often confused "El Papa" as in the pope with "la papa" as in the potato. Watching all this pope stuff on TV made me remember that. :) It made me smile.

Now, I must say that I was not very happy when this pope was chosen. I had hoped for a more progressive, Latin American cardinal to be chosen; one who might spread a little liberation theology around the globe. I just keep thinking how hard it must be to have a job like being the pope. To know that there are millions of people around the entire planet who love you...and then millions of others who hate you. Talk about a complex.

In other news: The delightful people from the State of CT should be visiting us at work very soon to re-license us. This is a stressful process...so everyone is a little on edge. If we don't pass our inspection...well, please just all keep your fingers crossed, okay? I need a job. :-P

Random thoughts.

After the last entry's rant, I had a little while to cool off and reflect. I often use the old cliche "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" with my kids at school. So, I am going to practice what I preach: when I have something political, funny, or just plain random, my entries will be public. If I have to vent or be a downer, I'll keep my feelings private. I think that should satisfy myself and the masses.

On a happy note: I got my hair highlighted, and I really like it a lot. I've gotten many compliments on it since Saturday. Maybe happy hair = Happier Jenn? The world may not be able to handle it....

Random: I think the US mail service in Waterbury is screwed up. I have sent 3 important things in the past two weeks to various people, and NO ONE has received them. A resume, greeting card, and an important form are floating around the USA somewhere. It's a good thing I didn't have to send money to someone in check form. That would not be a fun thing to be worried about.

My last public entry, I guess.

I sit here shaking: from being freezing, from being a bit angry, and from being on the verge of tears. I've received several comments lately from quite a few friends about my depressing blogs and away messages. I guess that I will set them to private so no one has to read what I say.

I'm not saying that to be snarky or to upset anyone or anything like that. I don't really expect people to read this thing and no one ever really IMs me, so I never realized my shit was getting spread around everywhere. I can't help feeling sad sometimes. I can't help being a little jealous of other people in their triumphs and exciting adventures: I am merely a human being, not a superhero or a saint. All of my life, I have always been the one to handle things so well and just roll with the punches. As the problems get bigger, life gets a bit harder...and I know they do for everyone. I just figured, and evidently I was correct since so many people have told me, that no one wants to hear how shitty things are for me because things really aren't that shitty and can be fixed, so I've heard...so I don't call or write or comment. It's really pathetic, I know, when other people's happiness makes you feel so insignificant. I'd rather hear about getting a new apartment or moving to a new town than hear "times are shitty, but they'll get better soon" every time I talked to someone. That's honestly all I can say right now, and I get tired of having nothing to say. Furthermore, I know that in many ways I am a very lucky person. My parents are alive right now and are married, we have a house and jobs and food. I sort of have my health and can buy things I need and sometimes, even what I want. But I just keep thinking, and I hesitate to comment for fear of starting an argument that I don't want to be a part of, that what looks lucky from one angle isn't always the way things really are. Misery loves company, but I guess that I need to find my company in another forum than my online journal.

So, bottom line: I'm sorry if I offend people with my LiveJournal and away messages. I'm sorry for being distant and for seeming to not care about things like I used to oh so long ago. I'm sorry that I take way too long to get things done and that I never write back or call anyone. Sincerely, I am sorry.


Yeah, so I have to be a dork for a minute to announce that NKOTB are reunited and were on the Today Show today. I just watched the 2 clips on YouTube, and I was transported back to 1988. It was funny to see that the crowd was made up of people my age and OLDER, waiting to see these guys. It made me smile on this crappy, rainy day.